The Refugee Patchwork

Patchwork Collection

The Patchwork collection was born when Triphose, a refugee in Kenya couldn't get enough funds for purchasing raw material and tailor items for a living. Walking through the streets of Kibera, Triphose noticed all the scraps being tossed away by other shops. She decided to stop feeling overwhelmed about lacking brand new fabrics and collected as many scraps as she could until she had enough to make a quilt. Since then, Triphose has supplied products to Mikono, selling exclusively Patchwork items, from table placements, to cushion covers and quilts, to clothing. 

For Triphose her Patchwork is more than her contribution in the battle against plastic, she explains that each piece in her patchwork, big or small represents a person. Some have more influence than others, but the power to make a difference lays in each piece being attached to each other creating a network of strength. The power to help refugees depends on how we build a unique force, and not on the differences between one another.